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Different Steps of Order Fulfillment

An ecommerce business is always operational where there are clients placing new orders. The process involved between receiving the orders all the way to shipping the orders until their client or customer receives them is known as order fulfillment. There are steps that are progressively followed in the process. Through this article, you will be able to understand the steps involved in the process.

The first step involves receiving inventory. A company that operates or deals with Ecommerce business will always choose between handling the inventory on their own or dealing with an outsourcer. It is through embracing the responsibility of managing or receiving their inventory that the business embraces the chance and responsibility to manage the entire inventory system. It is where they have hired or rather outsourced their supplier that they dispense this responsibility as the supplier will always handle the receiving inventory needs.

The other step involved in the process is the storage inventory. Under this step, a business will have to rent or lease a warehouse where they will store their goods and the items that they will be trading. There is need to be keen in the process and ensure that you understand all the items that are in and out of the warehouse.

The other step min the process involves receiving an order from the client and ensuring processing it. This is where the business will get to the warehouse and get the ordered items. Once the items have been removed from the warehouse, they need to get to the packaging station. There is need to have the items inspected with an aim of determining whether they have any defects whatsoever. This step is clinched with the products or ordered good s being placed in the shipping position or station.

The other fundamental step that is involved in the process is shipping the orders. Many businesses will always contract a third-party company to handle all the transportation or rather shipping needs. Before a shipment can be categorized, there are factors to be considered. The weight, the size and the nature determines the suitable way for shipping the order.

The last thing that happens in the process is handling return goods. Clients are prone to return the items anyhow. There are those clients who return the goods because of defaults and others because they feel like it. It is therefore fundamental to have crystal policies. The policies will always determine whether an item is deem fitting to be returned or not.

Through the above information, you get enough data about the steps. Generally, these steps should always follow a sequence. For example, for one to return an item, they must place an order first.